Special Guest Speaker

    Emily Felt, SC Director of Energy Policy, Duke Energy

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    Resource Update

    Brandon Worley, Executive Director, Upstate-Carolina Adaptive Golf, spoke about the Program:

    • Established in Oct 2018
    • What started as a college project has become a full program.
    • Training at Clemson U; got some students involved.
    • Started our first clinic in July 2019 at Top Golf
    • Build camaraderie, socialization.
    • Veterans, adults, and children
    • Started with 4-5 participants; now 46 participants.
    • Well over 50 trained volunteers.
    • Provide opportunities to help others discover their opportunities.
    • Mostly GVL, some in Clemson and Anderson
    • We are pushing to Spartanburg (Mary Black Fdtn)
    • We will work with anyone with physical limitations.

    *Read Brandon’s article about the program here.

    Learn more about the Program: https://ucagnow.org/

    Michael Hildebrand, Director, Upstate Mobility Alliance, featured a few exciting projects ongoing:

    • Greenwood started their new transportation service; 5 mi radius around Greenwood, mostly medical transports.
    • Abbeville has sent a grant request in; hoping to start a service (mostly medical) as well.
    • Also in Greenwood, they are discussing how van pools can attract and retain workers.
    • Spartanburg is also doing great work with van pools. The city voted in June to use funds for a 2-year pilot program. They are recruiting companies now.

    *Learn more about the Upstate Mobility Alliance: https://www.upstatemobilityalliance.org/