TATT Chat Recap October 7th 


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    DHEC Upstate Health Update

    • Dr. Kandi Fredere, Upstate Public Health Director, SC DHEC 
    • Dr. Lisa Carlson, Upstate Medical Director, SC DHEC 

    Questions Asked: 

    • Do you recommend getting a J&J shot if you had one shot of the Pfizer and had an allergic reaction from it? Is mixing ok?
      • This is best decided with your doctor and make an individual decision. 
    • Are 3rd shot boosters really necessary, and how do they improve efficacy?
      • Data continues to change. Currently, a 3rd dose is for someone who received Moderna or Pfizer and they have an expectation that they would not mount a good response to the initial 2 doses due to immune deficiencies. Which shows that the 3rd vaccine helps mount a better response. The booster is for all individuals who would have had the expected initial immune response, but the immunity has started to wane, especially the 65+ crowd. CDC has expanded it to include individuals exposed frequently to potential COVID exposure. 
    • Can you talk about the Monoclonal Antibodies?
      • Monoclonal antibodies: for a short time, there was excess supply. Effective in preventing disease and can be given subcutaneously via injection. Must have doctor’s orders. They’re available to some via medical providers. 
    • Does DHEC track excess deaths in South Carolina?
      • They look at observed vs. expected for death rates. 

    Resource Update 

    Megan Rogers, Carolina Center for Behavioral Health is a 156-bed acute care hospital that is open 24/7. They help with psychiatric and substance use disorder treatment and do not require a referral. See Megan’s TATT newsletter article here. 

    Carson Lecroy, Hamilton Career and Technology Center helps over 1000 high school students through 20 different programs to help students have some college credit or meaningful adult experience to use post-high school graduation. See Carson’s TATT newsletter article here. 


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